Tank Level
Time Left

First Day On The Job

So, you got your first job applying polyurethane spray foam insulation, huh? That's exciting! How about a little first day challenge to make it more interesting?

I've got 3 new wall sections that need to be insulated. See if you can cover all 3, between the studs, in under 2 minutes. I've only given you just enough spray to coat it all, so keep a close eye on your tank level to make sure you're not applying too much in one spot. Use your mouse to aim and click the left mouse button to start spraying. Don't get too wild and waste foam on the studs, you can always let go of the button to stop spraying.

Of course, you'll have to wear the standard self-contained breathing apparatus, eye protection, gloves and overalls. But, we can still have fun while being safe. Try to keep your spray pattern nice and even and don't try to go too fast, or you'll get sloppy and the sprayer won't keep up.

Got it, let's do this.

Try again.