Turn Canned Foam into a Spray Sealant!

The new Spray Sealants Store offers innovative products for tuning canned and canister polyurethane spray foam into a spray adhesive or spray the foam straight from the can with the Spray Pods Spray Gun adapter. The patent pending Spray Pods Spray Gun is uniquely constructed to attach directly to a can or canister of spray foam giving the user a flexible way of accomplishing a variety of foam or sealing jobs easily and quickly.

Create an Instant Air Barrier with the Spray Pods Spray Gun

The new Spray Pods Spray kit is easily portable and can fit into places where traditional spray foam machines cannot go. It allows the user to create a tight, effective air barrier around windows, doors, floors, ceilings, crawl spaces, attics or for the entire building envelop. Moreover, it's a fast way to seal drywall creating an instant air barrier.

The Spray Pod Spray Gun is Highly Adaptable

The durable Spray Pods Spray Gun is designed to accommodate 24 oz. and 29 oz. pressurized spray cans or canisters. It can also be adjusted to produce different volumes of material to create different sized spray patterns for small or larger projects. It fits easily into small places where traditional spray foam equipment cannot reach. And, clean-up is a snap by simply purging it with foam cleaner after each use.

Adheres to a Variety of Materials

Canned spray products adhere to most construction materials, such as drywall, vinyl-faced wallboard, masonry, lumber, cork, steel studs, and other wood materials.

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